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     Word Press Projects

                           Public Affairs and Crisis Outreach 

Multimedia project services range from public relations for American Legion Post 501 of Madison, Wisconsin, to writing for the UW Whitewater Royal Purple. Blog services solicit information from outlets who support veterans.

Word Press crisis research and outreach collects trauma therapy information to distribute through undergraduate research. The UW Whitewater case study investigates the nature of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder correlating between journalists, servicemembers and COVID-19 aftershock. Blogs develop strategies to assist corporate employee assistance programs.

University of Wisconsin offers public affairs and consumer protection reporting training through the Watchdog 101 Seminar at Wisconsin Eye. Bob Cobb Free Press Ink LLC converges with ghostwriters who report to the Center for Investigative Journalism at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Jaded Patriot is a narrative commonly found in enlisted combat veterans who struggle with civilian transition. The documentary takes on storytelling through videography. The project raises money for the Gold Star Mothers of America to help grieve their loss emotionally and financially.


Portfolio of Editorials

Multimedia samples linked from WordPress class projects

The following is a collection of meaningful writing projects. Each piece represents a unique style and content, which represents a distinct moment demonstrating the news writing and reporting process.


WDVA seeks eligible Warhawks for grant funding

September 2020

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs offers grants for non profit organizations of up to $200,000 annually. To qualify, WDVA requires organizations to support veterans. The first editorial published for The Royal Purple doubled as a UW Whitewater Reporting for News Media Course assignment. The first assignment sought to share the wealth of information at WDVA with Warhawks to include the Wisconsin G.I. Bill. The article published as a ghost writer piece. 

Outpost 422 Blog:


Royal Purple Publication: 


Convergence evolves newsgathering methods during COVID-19

September 2020

COVID-19 first hit the journalism scene in January when contamination cases surfaced. The spread of Coronavirus resulted in a nationwide stay-at-home order. To slow the spread, journalists shifted on the fly in creative ways to interview sources through social media and Zoom. Wisconsin news sources utilized interview methods unheard of before. WMTV NBC 15, WLUK FOX 11 and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shared details outlining how the journalism industry works with converging new methods on social media and on the scene when reporting.

Outpost 422 Blog:



Interview and Restaurant Review Portfolio

Multimedia samples linked from WordPress class projects

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Bobby Seale

March 2020

On February 25, 2020, Bobby Seale visited Madison College to share his life with the student body who offered wisdom regarding equality and fairness. The project became a graded assignment through Professor Natasha Kassulke in the Investigative Journalism Course. 

Outpost 422 Blog:


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About Me

Bradley J. Burt serves the Dane County community as an American Legion Dane County Service Officer. Burt assists those in crisis with his multimedia reporter service as a blogger to distribute virtual information at his Social Media Writing final project called "Outpost 422."

Burt returned to school uncertain seeking to finish his associate degree

as a Wisconsin State Certified Journey worker after finding out he could receive 39 credits for his journey worker certificate.

In 2014, Burt uncovered information about the Wisconsin G.I. Bill as a Veterans Committee Chairperson. Burt joined the American Legion to investigate benefits further. After being elected to Service Officer in 2015, Burt began noticing college benefit opportunities in Wisconsin. In 2017, Burt left his job due to physical limitations from his military service-connected injuries.  

The Wisconsin G.I. Bill became his life preserver. Burt returned to school to survive unemployability while waiting in appeal for VA benefit denial. Being a Service Officer taught him how to find resources to survive appeal.

After interviewing Sgt. Gary Brynjulfson from "The Reflections of Vietnam" and reading Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," Burt decided to develop a therapeutic writing style to help him cope with anxiety. Outpost 422 developed and journalism became his pursuit. 

Burt works as an American Legion Service Officer who is surviving by going back to school and writing about his college experience. Burt's portfolio is his passion to pay forward to the next struggling veteran to offer avenues of hope to encourage veterans to try going back to school no matter where they are in life. 

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Career Milestones

Working as a general manager of broadcast opened the door to multimedia journalism. The general manager of broadcast position included a weekly show as a part of the internship. Weekly meeting brainstorms offered opportunities to write copy scripts for Madison College developing suicide case study through awareness campaigns. Attending both schools provided the proving ground to develop Outpost 422.

Projects assembled in class attending UW Whitewater came to life at Madison College. In Fall of 2019, colleagues from the Clarion Broadcast Group helped create a full-page newspaper ad for Suicide Awareness Month on Veterans Day for The Royal Purple. The UW Whitewater Communications Department recognized the value of Outpost 422, who presented the "Communication Department Nontraditional Student Excellence Award" for the podcast in Spring of 2020.





Attending two schools as a consortium student offered outlets during internship to develop multimedia campaigns. Connections between both schools in the Electronic Media Copywriting course at UW Whitewater offered recruitment strategies in Spring of 2020.  

September of 2020, Bradley J. Burt entered into the editorial field as a ghostwriter for The Royal Purple.  

Having the ability to collaborate with both schools offered editors with multimedia resources provided by the Madison College Journalism Certificate Program.

Broadcast management experience working for The Clarion offered various multimedia outreach projects for non profit agencies assisting members during the pandemic through social media outreach. 

Investigative Journalism at Madison College and Social Media Writing helped create Outpost 422 and the Capitol Capstone Journal Word Press blogs for class projects.

The decision to become an international journalism major and leave the masonry field happened after covering the Madison Common Council and investigating gentrification. The thrill of open records requests met by the challenge to interview public officials felt rewarding. The gentrification project allowed for readers at Madison College to become informed of potential future housing while attending school. 

Sample: https://www.theonlineclarion.com/news/2020/05/11/madison-common-council-addresses-gentrification-introducing-oscar-mayer-site-plan-by-bradley-j-burt-madison-mayor-satya-rhodes-conway-has-opened-public-discussion-to-address-the-issue-of-gentrifica/

International Journalism Major/ Corporate Communication Minor

University of Wisconsin Whitewater
September 2019 - Present

University of Wisconsin Whitewater hosts the case study for Outpost 422 who surveys the first journey worker in the State of Wisconsin who is the pilot writer. The pilot combines vocation with multimedia reporting. The end goal will be to merge academia with technical trades to allow professors to teach Technical Study Trainers who become job site training blog reporters. Journalism is an elective for the Technical Studies Journey worker Program. Multimedia reporting allows teachers to train students offsite for synchronous learning. The pilot will bring new opportunities through convergence in the Wisconsin Technical College System.

General Manager of Broadcast

The Clarion 

Madison, Wisconsin

June 28, 2019 to May 30, 2020

As the General Manager of Broadcast, the responsibilities included working with newspaper editor-in-chief to collaborate facts and news stories, set up and facilitate weekly staff meetings, operate the Outpost 422 weekly broadcast through the Madison College Clarion server and help students meet with members of the honors advising team as a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Practicum Multimedia Pilot Writer and Staff Reporter

Madison Area Technical College
Journalism Certificate
Madison, Wisconsin
September 30, 2018-May 20, 2020

Duties included working as an entry-level journalism reporter to assists editors at the Madison College Clarion. Projects consisted of interviewing students and faculty for lifestyle showcase pieces, veterans of the Vietnam era, local restaurants and Student Senate meetings. As a Practicum pilot writer, the program "Outpost 422" was created for consortium veterans who attend both UW Whitewater and Madison College to polish writing prior to transfer through the Journalism Certificate Program.

Technical Studies Journey Worker Associate's Degree

Madison Area Technical College
Madison, Wisconsin 09/01/2017 to 05/31/2019

The State of Wisconsin offers a program taking a journey worker certificate to develop into an associate-level degree. The journey worker can elect to continue at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in pursuit of a multimedia journalism opportunity to return to the training industry to create blog videos. A journey worker receives 39 credits to apply their state certified certificate. All who enroll are now considered financial aid qualified. Once completed, the individual may elect to be a state trainer. The State of Wisconsin requires all instructors to have a Technical Studies Journey worker Associate's Degree.

State Certified Journey Worker

Bricklayer's Local 3,9,11
Oshkosh, WI
May 2000-July 2017

20 years of experience laying brick, block and stone. Duties included building fireplaces for the Green Bay Catholic Diocese and the Boys and Girls Brigade Camp Onaway. Commercial and industrial projects required OSHA and various safety certifications along with training apprentices.

Masonry Apprentice

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Green Bay, WI
September 1997-May 2000

Serving the State of Wisconsin Joint Apprenticeship Committee as an alternate representative to develop a pilot for the Technical Studies Journey worker Program. The apprentice spends 4,800 hours working along with 400 hours in the classroom. Masonry apprentices assist foreman and laborers with building layout and scaffold building. Once the first year is completed, apprentices begin working independently on commercial projects.


U.S. Army
Fort Drum, NY
February 1994 - May 1997

Three years service to include two overseas tours in Port au Prince and Cap Hatien, Haiti, during Operation Uphold Democracy with the 10th Mountain Division.

  • Battalion Command Driver 1995-1997​

  • M119 Howitzer Gunner 1994-1995

  • Basic Training Completion 

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"When the going gets weird---the weird turn pro."

Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson



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